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You do not need to panic if your appliances stop working;
we at General Electrocom are just a call away.
A resident technician is available to ensure you get a solution to the problems as soon as possible.
In addition we will give you a free estimate for repairs over the phone to get your appliance working effectively.

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Home Appliances aren’t lasting as long as previous models

Appliances can talk with one another.They can track their energy use.
They can be controlled by phones. Now can we just get them to last?

“We’ve talked with people who say they just spent $3,000 on a range and can’t believe it doesn’t work, and we hear how the old one lasted 20 years without a single repair.”

A 2013 survey of 29,281 Consumer Reports subscribers found that 31 percent of side-by-side refrigerators broke within four years. In the same time period, 22 percent of front-loading washing machines and 20 percent of dishwashers failed.

“When products break, it’s memorable,” she said. “About 53 percent of respondents said the products just stopped working altogether, and 32 percent said they work poorly, so it’s a big deal when it breaks. It’s not like the light stopped working on a refrigerator.”

How to prolong the life of your appliances:

Refrigerator : Average life span: 13 years 86% out of 15 years
Clothes washer : Average life span: 10 years 66% out of 15 years
Clothes dryer : Average life span: 13 years 86% out of 15 years
Gas range : Average life span: 15 years 100% out of 15 years
Dishwasher: Average life span: 9 years 60% out of 15 years

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GECOM is ASC (Authorized Service Center) of LG and Samsung Home Appliance.